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They're back, and better than ever!

They're the same size as a scotch egg, they look like a scotch egg, but they're NOT A SCOTCH EGG!

It's a delicious chocolate egg, wrapped in cookie dough and rolled in what we affectionately call 'cake popcorn' because we've been known to eat in by the bagful as a delicious sweet and salty snack.

When we first launched these two years ago, we sold out quicker than we could make them, this time, we've gotten ourselves organised, and we're bringing you an assortment.

We're kicking things off with 4 options, but we'll be adding more, and the very best thing.....? We've found a safe way to post these nationwide, so you can send them to your loved ones instead of Easter eggs. 


Creme Egg / Caramel Egg : gluten, milk, soy

Vegan Creme Egg : gluten, soy

Vegan Salted Caramel Egg : gluten, soy, coconut