W E D D I N G / / C A K E S

Arguably the most enjoyable part of planning a wedding, after choosing the outfits, is choosing the cake. We're so delighted you've decided to consider us - we'd love to be a part of your special day!

Choose from a range of cake and buttercream flavours, which we will stack and deliver to your chosen venue on your special day. We can also supply backstage cakes as rounds or sheet cakes to be cut and served alongside your display cake.

We offer a tasting service, where you can choose from our cake flavours, which we will make into mini cupcakes for you to enjoy in our cafe or take home to try at your leisure. Tasting sessions cost £25 which comes off the final price of your cake. Adeline is always happy to sit down with you and talk through your ideas, please call us to book a short appointment with her, or book a session online here.

All of our cakes are available vegan. 

We can also provide cupcakes, brownies and/or cookies for dessert tables or wedding favours.

Suggested sizes & prices :

please note that these are guide prices only, and prices will vary from cake to cake depending on design. 

To serve -

20 - 35 people : 6" tier + 8" tier / / £225

35 - 50 people : 8" tier + 12" tier / / £285

50 - 80 people : 6" tier + 8" tier + 10" tier / / £365

75 - 120 people : 8" tier + 10" tier + 12" tier //  £475

To enquire or book an appointment with Adeline, please email info@heirloom.cafe , call us on 01525 229 565 or book online.


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