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The Part-Time Vegetarian

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Flexible recipes to go (nearly) meat free.

When Scott, one half of the magic couple behind Heirloom, decided to name his diet Flexitarian, Adeline, the other half of the couple, laughed a lot. What on earth does it mean?! We're an omnivore race by design, and that means we ate what we could, when we could get hold of it. I guess that, naturally, our ancestors would have eaten a more vegetable and fruit based diet, because that's what was easy to get hold of. Meat was only acquired when we could hunt it down. Anyway, it turns out that that is exactly what a flexitarian diet is - predominantly fruit and vegetable based, with a little meat added in now and then.

So after that pointlessly long introduction, this book is for you if you're looking to cut down on your meat intake and cook some more veggies.